Currently doing Virtual, Long-Distance Healing Sessions, so it does not matter where you live!

Meet Donna Arz, PhD

Donna Arz: The Healing Light Institute in Auburn, CA. serves as a beacon of hope for individuals who are experiencing overwhelming issues. 

We have helped redirect tens of thousands of clients and helped them find a life were they could have purpose, life direction and thrive

Since 2005, The Forgotten Soldier Program (non-profit founded by Donna),  has helped over twenty-two thousand Veterans at no charge for Integrative Healthcare services.

Donna Arz, PhD.

Integrative, Complementary Health Care Practitioner, Lifestyle & Health Consultant

“The light in me works with the light with you.”

Donna utilizes her gift of sight and her unquie skills in a one-on-one setting or group setting to help clients create the life they desire. She offers empathy, comfort and guidance through Integrative, Complementary approaches, helping with the problems that are caused by mental, emotional ailments, past traumas, or any life-changing event.

What sets Donna apart if that she is dedicated to helping others, taking the time to personalize her approach on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, she helps the individual find the courage and knowing inside of themselves to take the journey of discovery to move toward a healthy lifestyle, Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Donna's Credentials